Want to start a magazine? Find out how.

There are so many new magazines out there I can hardly keep up. The question is, how many will survive? Most fashionista’s and glamour girls dream of closet like Carrie’s in Sex and the City or a closet to peruse like in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. But that is a long way from the blur of starting a magazine from scratch.

I was amazed at the lack of resources on the web for starting a publication from scratch. They say anybody can do it. But is that really true? I say yes. All you need is a little talent, a lot of desire, passion and a wad of cash. LOL!

 Welcome to my world.

I have gathered a few resources to get you started. Here are some online resources that may help.

Magazine Publishing Resources on the Web

There isn’t nearly as much information about magazine publishing online as there is about book publishing, but here are some sites worth looking into.

The Magazine Publishers of America, at www.magazine.org, includes the Magazine Handbook, a collection of articles and studies on magazine publishing, circulation and editing, and the American Society of Magazine Editors.

The Periodical Publishers Association (www.ppa.co.uk) is a British site with information about careers and training, publishing news, and articles on all aspects of the magazine publishing business.

The Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) certifies circulation of over 3,000 magazines around the world. Their site is at http://www.accessabc.com.

BPA International (www.bpai.com) provides independent verification of business magazine circulation and web site traffic.

The Publishing Business Group is a consulting firm for magazine, newsletter, and e-zine publishers. Their site, www.publishingbiz.com, features articles, books on magazine publishing, and an online forum where you can post questions, find answers, and find out what other publishers have to say.

Publishinghelp.com is a publishing consultant’s site that offers special reports on magazine publishing issues.

The Newsletter & Electronic Publishers Association is at www.newsletters.org. They offer numerous services through membership and there is a substantial links page to information about newsletter publishing.

About Anita C Roberts:

Anita provides comprehensive Consulting on a selection of publishing related topics, such as Start-up magazine 101: Launching a magazine from scratch; Advertising challenges and solutions for new magazines; Magazine, and more.  You can also reach Anita via email info@amcpublishing.net 

I specialize in start-up and business/circulation planning to help build and transform magazine publishers. I also help implement the plans I develop through circulation promotion, outsourced circulation management, or considered counsel on strategic direction. I help our client companies find and develop opportunities for growth.


“How to Start a Magazine (and Publish it Profitably)” by James B. Kobak, 2002, M. Evans & Co, New York, ISBN 0-87131-927-6

“The Magazine Guide” by Samir A. Husni (www.mrmagazine.com) 2006, Nautilus Press (self published  call: 662-513-0159)  no ISBN

“Starting and Running a Successful Newsletter or Magazine” by Cheryl Woodard, 5th Edition Published by Nolo Press, Oct 2006, ISBN: 9781413305234

And there are others. Contact me at info@amcpublishing.net if you have specific questions that these do not address.

Folio: The Magazine of Magazine Publishing   www.foliomag.com

Circulation Management   www.circman.com


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