Achievements in Black Austin™

Achievements in Black Austin™ is a celebration of African American accomplishments. A collection of positive images and inspiring stories of visionaries, business and community influencers throughout Central Texas history.

Achievements in Black Austin™ tells the stories of more than 250 professional and community leaders in and around Austin, Texas. Anita C Roberts,  Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, explains, “Austin is a city with an incredibly talented, professional and vibrant black community. Achievements in Black Austin™ starts from the beginning, in 1839, four months after Austin was founded,  with the first documented person of African decent, a 10 year old, named  Mahala, who arrived in Travis county with the Murchison family.” She goes on to say, “We travel through our storied but significant past to our present day community and professional giants. So many, there was no way to include them all in the this first edition.”

Nelson Linder, Austin NAACP, believes this is an opportunity to remind our community of the valiant contributions of Austinites who’ve paved the way for so many. “This book is long overdue,” he said.

Achievements in Black Austin™ is planning an Unveiling Reception to coincide with Austin’s Juneteenth celebrations in June 2017.

Made Media Group was founded in 2011 to highlight the intriguing stories of African Americans in business and community. We currently publish Made Magazine and DFW Black Business Journal, two high quality publications that cater to the professional, affluent African American lifestyle.


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