Press Release: Made Media Group Announces Launch of Achievements in Black Austin


Made Media Group

MADE Media Group Announces Launch of Achievements in Black Austin

(Austin, TX) – Made Media Group, an affiliate to AMC Publishing, LLC announces the launch of Achievements in Black Austin; print edition. The first installment of a series of multimedia products aimed at telling the stories of countless influential and instrumental African Americans who call Austin, Texas home.

Achievements in Black Austin, A Historical Reference, highlights the contributions of more than 250 professional and community leaders in and around the Austin community. This glossy paperback is a virtual “Who’s Who” of local African Americans in Central Texas.

Anita C Roberts, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, explains, “Austin is a city with an incredibly talented, professional and vibrant black community, past and present. Achievements in Black Austin starts from the beginning, in 1839, four months after Austin was founded, when the first documented person of African decent, a 10-year old, named Mahala, arrived in Travis county with the Murchison family.” She goes on to say, “We travel through Austin’s storied but significant past to our present day community and professional giants. So many, there was no way to include them all in this first edition.”

Roberts says, “The next phase, a video series, debuts this summer. You’ll get to see and hear some of these incredible individuals tell their stories in their own words.”

Nelson Linder, President, Austin NAACP, believes this is an opportunity to remind our community of the valiant contributions of those Austinites who’ve paved the way for so many. “This book, this entire project is long overdue,” he said.

The June 2017 ceremony to unveil Achievements in Black Austin, print edition is planned to coincide with Austin’s Juneteenth celebrations. We look forward to a complete marketing campaign, including digital and online advertising. Also, look for us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. #achieveblackaustin

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Achievements in Black Austin™ is a celebration of African American accomplishments. A collection of positive images and inspiring stories of visionaries, business and community influencers throughout Central Texas’ history.

About MADE Media Group: MADE Media Group’s mission is to cultivate thriving minority communities through education, information and empowerment via mass communication. It’s affiliate; AMC Publishing, LLC delivers beautiful, engaging, innovative and influential publications combining expertise in editorial and design. Taking ideas and bringing them to life in print and on-line. From community-based magazines to state-wide publications, offering the highest quality content for readers and media partners. You can visit AMC Publishing online at


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